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DrSmash Integrations: Audatex Interface


Stay Ahead of the Fleet

Dr Smash has direct integration with Audatex, and we are the Only Body Management System to have this facility controlled and managed by our own working environment, leaving our clients with the ability and confidence that their data and costings are always safe and up to date at all times.


Easy to Use, Colour-Coded Interface


An Overview of the Pros
  • View Quotes (Shells) unassigned
  • View & import assessments directly into DrSmash
  • Automatically create your quote & job card seamlessly
  • Monitor and update Extras authorized for the job
  • Monitor and update Price differences for your job
  • Shows any updates automatically
  • Color code controls of progress or changes for each job


Further Added Benefits

Monitor External Assessments automatically from within DrSmash without the need for Audatex to be installed on each workstation.

Import your assessments and even update your DrSmash Final Repair Calculations at any point through the job LIVE.

No More PDF importing is needed, adding accuracy and consistency.

Your workload will be greatly reduced, and your workflow improved, as you utilize our Audatex / External Assessment Module.

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