Collision Repair Software

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Collision Repair Software

Panel Beating Overview:

Why Choose Dr Smash.

Over 27 years ago Dr Smash was born and in this time we have become great at what we do. Our Core focus is to supply quality software to the industry that not only looks and feels good to use  but also has all the features you could possibly need. Our Panel Beating Software has been designed specifically for the Collision Repair industry with our Entry Level Workshop Control package having everything you need for Insurance Approval.

Dr Smash was written by John Banfield together with 5 of the biggest names in the industry at the time. We are always adapting and growing to make our users more profitable by giving them more time to do the things that matter. We strive to ensure we are user friendly and that vital information is saved, reducing duplication of work , saving you time and money.

Everything we do, Every line of code, Every business decision is undertaken to ensure the long term growth of you our clients, continued excellence in the support we provide and the industry leading quality of the package you receive. Success in all of these areas is what we strive for ensuring a beneficial relationship when ever we work together.

Over the last 27+ years Dr Smash has been developing our Panel Beating Software to cover every aspect of your shops everyday challenges and keeping it in line with the industry standards and insurance requirements. We have done this by not only working with the big shops in the industry but also the new entrants, allowing us to gain insight into not only the standard way of doing things but also the new and innovative processes that are so often found by those with a fresh perspective.

What Does Dr Smash Actually Do?

We prides ourselves on our ability to customise our Panel Beating Package to the needs of your Industry and more specifically each shops unique needs. Dr Smash allows the Owners to specify the way they wants their company to run, and is safe in the knowledge that their rules will be applied. We do this through careful control of the minimum information collected from your clients and their vehicles to ensure maximum efficiency from day one. Through accurate and efficient tracking of spares and consumables as well as tracking of paint when exported from your 3rd party suppliers. We even track what contact has been made with your clients both before and after the job is won or completed and can automatically generate your various reports that are needed to be sent to companies like Lightstone. This is by no means a full list and we of course cover all your standard Quoting, Jobcards , debtors and creditors requirements as well as requirements from Insurance companies such as Automatically generated Final Repair Calculations, Audatex Importing, Manufacturer reports, Bams Reporting to name but a few.  Please have a look below at a short summary of what each package contains.

Our Collisions Repair Software comes in THREE Insurance Approved package sizes. All of which can be added to at anytime.


WorkshopAdminFull Control
Number Of Seats (Number of People Logged In At One Time)248
Installation and Training within SA
Quotes to Job Cards (Audatex Importing, Manage Insurance Info/Rates/Format Requirements, Document tracking (Photos/videos/PDF’s/Audatex), Quick Compiling for Standard Jobs, Keeps Record of each Stage of Quote (original, assessed, as jobbed)
Internal Messaging System
Company Diary
Tow In Control (Ensures all Tows are Invoiced out)
Workshop Floor Monitor/Management (Visual Summary of Jobs current Department, On Schedule or not, Parts Order Status, Admin Paperwork Status, etc.)
Invoicing and Debtors (Quick Creation and Management of Debtors Invoices, Age Analysis, etc.)
Creditors (Ability to automatically manage Creditors when linked with Stores, Age Analysis, Account Capping, Month End Pay-out Projections, etc.)
Final Repair Calculations (Automatically compiled and ready for adjustment before exporting to each Insurance Company’s preferred spreadsheet, Saving you from retyping everything)
Stores and Consumable Management (Parts Ordering and Tracking(Job Specific), RFC’s, Major stock control, Outstanding Parts Tracking etc. Consumable Stock Control, Allocation to specific jobs/departments/employees, Quick Order Functions, Stock Low Function)
Customer Follow Up (Light stone/KA Smart, Ace, Manufacturer Reports, Etc.)
Booking In
Courtesy Cars
Customer Care (SMS Module)
Admin Workflow Monitor
Employee Training Management System
Management Reports (Work In Progress, Profit Projections, Fuel Recon, Asset and Tool Control, etc.)
Major Stock Control
Pastle Export
Online Back Up

The basic of our Insurance Approved Collision Repair Software contains the following:

Quote System Automatic Painting, Strip & Assembly
Local OEM Spares Prices database
Local Alternate Spares Prices database
Quick Jobbing facility,
Email Quotes
Customise your quotes
Audatex Import Audatex Quotes from Dot 90 and PDF files
Assessment Quotes, Assessment’s, Etc. are all tamper proof
Authorisation Details
Job Cards Booking in Job cards
Customisable for Profit
Monitor/Car Check In Control and Show a cars position in the System
Vehicle Security Checks
Keep track of Outwork
Workshop Status & Vehicle Positions
Administration or Spares Problems
Tow In Control Keep records of your Tow ins
Invoice out separate Tow in,
Link Tow in to job cards
Extras System Requests reports to Assessors
Internal Authorization
External ( Insurance ) Authorization
Buying System Ordering and Receiving
Keeps track of ex-factory parts
Parts tracking
Signing Creditor invoices off against the job
Consumable Full Consumable Stores Control
Issuing to a particular Job or Dept