Tow In Software

Software that is ready to help you take control of your Tow In Company and promote profitability

Tow In Software

Tow In Overview:

Why Choose Dr Smash.

Dr Smash was written by a team of Tow In owners, managers and admin staff, together with our programmer and has been growing from strength to strength with every passing day. Dr Smash is always adapting and growing to make its users more profitable by giving them more time to do the things that matter instead of sitting behind a PC trying to just capture your day to day information. Dr Smash is user friendly and saves vital information, so duplication of work does not need to happen, saving you time and money

What Does Dr Smash Actually Do?

Dr Smash does everything from your Tracking of tows, debtors, creditors, management reports, Driver reports, fuel reports etc.) And this is only the silver package. If you require the financial side to go further than debtors and creditors, our financial additional module will compile your general ledger to balance sheet level and it can export to pastel if required. Dr Smash can also contact the client for you if you have our SMS additional module. In short Dr Smash does everything you could possibly need it to run a Tow In Company, and if it doesn’t, tell us and we will look at implementing it into our system in the near future. (A detailed breakdown of features can be sent through if required)

The Basic Tow In Package contains the following, in brief:

Tow In                                 

Enter information from Principal

Vehicle types – transmission and Drive Type

Security Check Lists

SMS the Owner and Instructing Company

Auto Generation of Job cards

Email Job cards to Drivers smartphone

Protocols – Invoicing – Charges


Attach Photos to the Tow In Record & E Mail Photo’s

Additional Expenses     

Keep track of Release fees paid

Keep track of Sub-Contractors fees paid

Invoice System

All the loose ends tied up

Driver Invoice Control

E Mail Invoices

Debtors System

With Intelligent Bank related Receipting

VAT ,     Sales & Debtor Month End Reports

Real time Debtors Balances

Creditors System            

Easy Statement Reconciliation’s

Month End Vat Reports or Vat on Payments Made

Suppliers Outstanding Totals

Individual Suppliers Monthly Purchases 


Keep track of Tow Jobs

Keep track of Vehicles in your yard

Keep track of Storage times

Management Reports

Purchases of each Tow Truck

Petrol Usage of Each Tow Truck – down to cost per Kilometer.

Driver Costing, Drivers Commission reports,

….And much more