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NetAssess + DrSmash: All you need to know!

What’s Happening and What You Need to Know

We are sure you are all aware that NetAssess has sent out a letter stating that they are moving their systems to Audatex.  As noted in the below excerpt from the NetAssess letter dated 26th April 2023;

“ Net Assess have spent major resources on development…to make things easier for repairers. We have elected to use Audatex as the calculation tool…and as such are currently sending quotations via Audatex. ”

This is GREAT news for Dr Smash Clients as Dr Smash already has a direct integration with Audatex through our Audatex/External Assessments Module.

This Module allows our clients to monitor their External Assessments Automatically from within Dr Smash without the need for Audatex to be installed on each workstation. This increases the number of eyes looking at your data, helping you provide faster response times and reduce clerical errors.

Additionally, this system allows you to import your assessments and even update your Dr Smash Final Repair Calculations at any point through the job. This is not a PDF import; this is a Direct Communication Line with Audatex which ensures the accuracy of the information being downloaded into your system.

Further to this it is our understanding that Dr Smash is the Only Body Management System to have this integration up and working in the industry at the time of writing this letter. In addition, we are working to expand this system to allow you to push back your Final Repair Calculations at a later stage as well, which will reduce the admin load on your business even further.

In conclusion, there is nothing to worry about. NetAssess moving to Audatex is a great thing for Dr Smash Clients as it means your workload can be greatly reduced and your workflow improved, as you utilize our Audatex/External Assessment Module.

Below is an informative video on the Audatex/External Assessment Module.

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