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Who Are We As Dr Smash Software?

How Did Dr Smash Software Start? 

John Banfield started Dr Smash Software over 27 years ago. John at the time had just started his own panel beating business. Through his business he noticed the shortfall in the way the market did things. Being the resourceful man he is John designed a system to fill this gap. Overtime the beginnings of a truly magnificent software began to take shape. Software that could run everything from the moment the shop doors opened to the moment they closed each day. The functionality available even then made it a must have for everyone in the industry. Soon demand was coming in from all over South Africa as news spread of this “new” entrant into the market.

Workshops from all over the country began to approach us to build a system around their needs. John Banfield sat with some of the biggest workshops available to him and did just that. Dr Smash has subsequently designed dedicated programs for Tow-in companies and Assessors (Loss Adjusters). Additionally we have a few custom builds for Bus Companies, Insurers, Marina Management and even Debt Collectors under its belt.

Where is Dr Smash Software Now and Where are We Going?

To this day Dr Smash is one of the leading software packages in the industry. We cater for not only the basic running of your shop but every facet that needs admin and controlling mechanisms. We strive to make the use of our program as user-friendly as possible. Continuously adapting our features and user interface to the changing environments and new legislation. Allowing our users to be more profitable by focusing their time on the things that matter rather than everyday capturing.

In the begin Dr Smash could have been categorized as a reporting program. Giving you the tools and knowledge but leaving you to make the necessary changes. Dr Smash through its evolution into a true full management package allows you to put measures in place, through our package, to help achieve and improve on your targets. We continue to improve upon these measures and with our clients help are finding more ways to do this.

All of these improvements will continue to grow our package into a ever more customisable package.  Allowing you to design your workflow, rules and safe guards around your business. Removing the need to conform to a rigid uncompromising method that doesn’t suit your business. Giving you space and flexibility to grow as you capitalising on your efficiencies.

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