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Assessing Subscriptions

Software that is ready to help you take control of your Assessing Administration and promote profitability

Motor Vehicle Assessing Overview

Why Choose Dr Smash?

Over 27 years ago Dr Smash was born and in this time we have become great at what we do. Our Core focus is to supplying quality software to the industry that not only looks and feels good to use  but also has all the features you could possibly need while not costing the world to purchase.

Dr Smash was written by John Banfield together with some of the biggest Assessors in the industry at the time. Dr Smash is always adapting and growing to make its users more profitable by giving them more time to do the things that matter. Dr Smash is user friendly and saves vital information, so duplication of work does not need to happen, saving you time and money.

Everything we do, Every line of code, Every business decision is undertaken to ensure the long term growth of you our clients, continued excellence in the support we provide and the industry leading quality of the package you receive. Success in all of these areas is what we strive for ensuring a beneficial relationship when ever we work together.

What Does Dr Smash Actually Do?

Dr Smash does everything you as an assessor require in your day-to-day running. It has a multitude of reports that can break down every part of your business into quick and easy to understand data. Customisable Assessment reports, Protocol tracking, Extras control, Auto Generation of Principle Reports or Pay advances.

If you require the financials then look at our financial additional module, which will compile your general ledger to balance sheet level and export it to pastel if required.
Dr Smash can also keep in contact with your client from our Customer Care additional module.

In short, Dr Smash does everything you could possibly need it to do to run the administration of your assessing business.

Assessing / Motor Loss Adjusters Subscription Packages

Business Essential

recommended for start-ups or any company needing the essentials

  • Quotes to Jobcards
  • Invoicing & Debtors
  • Customer SMS Tracking
  • Assessment Time Control
  • Internal Messaging System
  • Company Diary

Business Core

recommended for all companies wanting to further enhance their business

R1 140/mo
  • All Business Essential Modules
  • Insurance PDF Importing
  • Employee Training Management System
  • Payroll
  • Online Backup

All above Motor Vehicle Assessing Subscription Package options require a R 5 500.00 once-off, non-refundable set-up fee.