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General Purpose Software

Software that is ready to help you take control of your Job Cards and Stores control and with it your Business

General Purpose Sofware Overview:

Why Choose Dr Smash?

Dr Smash has been in the software industry for over 27 years, of which all of that time has been focused on quoting and Job Card based systems with the primary goal being taking control of your business. This has allowed us to become very good at what we do and that is helping you take control of what matters to you.

The first step to taking control of your business is taking control of your administration. As the saying goes what you make on the shop floor you lose in the office. We help you limit this down by offering you easy to use systems to manage and distribute information effectively. We do this by controlling  the creation of your initial quote through to the conversion to a job card. The allocation of parts and consumable to specific jobs to ensure all items are accounted for as well as the Creditors Control thatch required when managing this section. This would all be a waste of time though if we didn’t give you a place to control your Debtors and we are happy to say we do this as well. This ensures that you have full control over each and every Job that your business does.

Over the last 27+ years Dr Smash has been developing, tweaking and expanding our Quotes and Jobcard Package to cover every aspect of your businesses everyday challenges and keeping it in line with industry standards. This has been done by working closely with not only the big industry names but also those who are just starting out. This allows our package to function efficiently and effectively at all productivity levels in a way that is simple but robust in controls.

We prides ourselves on our ability to customise our software setup to the needs of your Industry and more specifically each businesses unique needs. Dr Smash allows the Owners to specify the way they wants their company to run, and is safe in the knowledge that their rules will be applied. While still allowing for the flexibility to make a profit.

What Does Dr Smash Actually Do?

Our Basic package allows you to take control of your core business, Providing a simple and professional means for Quoting, creation of Job cards, Stores management, Debtors and Creditors Control as well as implementing the rules and regulations set out by you as the business Owner.

Our Job cards are automatically updated when consumables or stock items are taken out of stores and ensures that at the end of the day you are invoicing for every item that you have used, including your mark up ensuring you keep making your profit no matter how busy or forgetful you become. We do the thinking for you.

Our General Purpose Software comes in THREE package sizes, all of which can be added to at anytime:

Job Card and Stores Control Job Card, Stores and Admin Control Full Control
Number Of Seats
(Number of People Logged In At One Time)
2 3 5
Installation and Training within SA
Quotes to Job Cards
(Document Tracking (Photos / Videos/ PDF’s / Audatex), Quick Compiling for Standard Jobs, Keeps Record of each Stage of Quote (original, assessed, as jobbed)
Internal Messaging System
Company Diary
Tow In Control (Ensures all Tows are Invoiced out)
Invoicing and Debtors (Quick Creation and Management of Debtors Invoices, Age Analysis, etc.)
Creditors (Ability to automatically manage Creditors when linked with Stores, Age Analysis, Account Capping, Month End Pay-out Projections, etc.)
Stores and Consumable Management (Parts Ordering and Tracking(Job Specific), RFC’s, Major stock control, Outstanding Parts Tracking etc. Consumable Stock Control, Allocation to specific jobs / departments / employees, Quick Order Functions, Stock Low Function)
Customer Follow Up
Booking In
Customer Care (SMS Module)
Admin Workflow Monitor
Employee Training Management System
Management Reports (Work In Progress, Profit Projections, Fuel Recon, Asset and Tool Control, etc.)
Major Stock Control
Pastel Export
Financials (requires Pastel Export)
Online Back Up

The basic of our Job Card and Stores Control Package contains:

Tow In Control
Keep records of your Tow Ins
Invoice out separate Tow In
Link Tow In to Job Cards

Job Cards
Details of Job
Details of Customer

Parts Required
Internal Authorization & External (Owner) Authorization

Buying System
Requisitions, Ordering and Receiving
Keeps track of ex-factory parts
Parts Tracking
Signing Creditor invoices off against the Job

RFC System
Full Return for Credit Control

Full Consumable Stores Control System
Requesting & Ordering
Issuing to a particular Job
Invoice out Consumables
Order History
Track Wastage

Controls and Tracks New & Second Hand Stock

Assets & Tools
Controls and Tracks the assets and tools

Invoice System
All the loose ends tied up: Extras, RFC’s, Spares Costing for each Job

Debtors System
With Intelligent Bank related Receipting, VAT, Sales
Real time Debtors Balances
Debtor Month End Reports

Creditors System
Easy Statement Reconciliation’s
Month End Vat Reports or Vat on Payments Made
Suppliers Outstanding Totals
Individual Suppliers monthly Purchases

Overview of all vehicles under your control
Informs you of Workshop Status and Position, Admin or Spares Problems

Customers / Cars Job History
Old Jobs at a touch of a button

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