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Dr Smash Client Testimonials

Lord Dent Panel Beaters

Collision Repair Package

“Lord Dent Panel Beaters has been using Dr Smash Management software for nearly 30 years now. We were among the first to take it on, and we have never looked back.

The simplicity of using the program has been a key feature, and the ability to obtain information from the package is very user-friendly, offering everything the panel beater could want.

Another great feature is the fact that you only ever add information once, which sets this package apart from its competitors.

To me, as one of the owners, it’s a no-brainer when it comes to which software we would choose to run our shop.

Thanks, Dr Smash!”
– JT Banfield

Lord Dent Panel Beaters

Collision Repair Package

“I have recently only encountered and begun using Dr Smash in the collision repair environment after joining Lord Dent as a co-owner.

It has brought the workshop controls and processes into line for me with efficient and accurate reporting.

We get our quotes out faster than I expected, and, utilizing their Audatex Interface module, we have had far more accurate job cards and invoicing.

The upgrades from Dr Smash have kept the program running smoothly, offering the latest additions and controls.

I would recommend Dr Smash to any company wanting to find simple yet advanced software to use for their business.”
– Rajesh Baratt