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How To: Part Numbers (AutoMX)

Using Part Numbers When Ordering

Below is an easy-to-follow method for setting up this simple yet effective default in Dr Smash:

Setting Up for Using part Numbers

1.  File
2.  Defaults
3.  Defaults
4.  Spares and Stores Control Module

5.  Ensure the tick box has been selected
6.  OK Save the Record

Ordering the Spares

1.  Place an order as per normal

2. Click on Edit Ordered Part Number & Type in the Part Number
(If you know the part number at this stage, otherwise you can enter it at the receiving stage)

Receiving the Spares

When you are receiving the Parts

1.  Click on Edit Received Items

The Part Number can be entered or corrected here

RFC the Spares

1.  Make the RFC as usual

The Part Number can be entered or corrected here

Looking Up Information about the Parts

1.  Go to Part and Order History

2.  Double Click the Part you want to see the Part Number for

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