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How To: Adding a New User

Adding a New User to Dr Smash

As mentioned in one of our previous articles, The Importance of User Profiles, creating individual User Profiles in Dr Smash has a number of benefits.

Adding new user profiles is quick and easy, here’s how.

If they have not been added onto the system, start with:

Adding the Employee to Dr Smash

1. Admin
2. Personnel
3. Current Company Personnel List
4. Add a New Employee

5. Please enter Clock Number, Title, Surname and First Name
These are the minimum requirements for adding a new user.
The rest of the information is needed for IRP5 purposes.

6. Select ✅ OK Save the Record
7. Close the window

Creating a New User Profile

1. Users
2. System Users
3. Add a new User
4. Highlight Name
5. Select Record

6. Tick to say what areas they are allowed access to
7. Type in the ID
8. Select ✅ OK and Save
9. Close the window

When the user, types in their ID, the computer will ask them for a password.
This password must be 5 characters or more. It is not case sensitive.

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