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How To: Adding Consumables

Adding Consumables through Stores in Dr Smash

1. Stores

2. Stores, Consumables and Issue

3. Query or Order Consumables

4. Add New Consumable

5. Type in information about the Consumable

Please remember to write in army style.
i.e., Black Paint is typed in as Paint Black.
2020 water paper is known as water paper 220, etc.

Used By Department
What department uses this consumable?
For example; The Paint Prep department uses masking tape.
The Filling department uses water paper. Rags are used by the Finishing, etc.

Supplier Description
What does your supplier call the consumable?
i.e, Their part number or their description

6. Once all the information has been added, select ✅ OK Save the Consumable

Maximum and Minimum Stock Levels
Maximum Level
= how many items you want on the shelf
at the beginning of the month.
Minimum Level = how many items you want on the shelf
at the end of the month.

Individual Item Issue
How many parts can you issue out?
i.e, You purchase paint in one-liter containers but issue them
to your staff at 250ml.
Therefore, there are four items in this package.

Number of Individual Items in Package
Allows you to enter in the stock level at present.
You must have authority to do this.

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