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How To: Month End Run

Running Your Month End

  1. Click on Month End
  2. Select Month End Run
  1. Select ✅OK Run the Month End
  1. The program does some checks before running the month end

If the box does not get ticked, then there is a problem with that area.
You will need to Cancel the month end and go and correct the error.

If the program gets through all the blocks, the following screen will appear:

You can change the information that you want to show on your statements.

  1. Click on ✅Start the Month End Run
  2. Dr Smash is now running the month end

As it finishes different sections it will tick the box.

If you get the following screen:

It means that this vehicle is not on your workshop monitor.
Dr Smash wants to know which department, as itis still an open job.
If the job is completed, select Repair has been completed, else select the correct department it is in, or if you do not know, please select Vehicle Department Unknown.

  1. Once all the boxes have been ticked, Month End is now completed – Click on OK

Close your Dr Smash Package, and come back in. You will be in the new month.

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