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How To: Payroll Tax Checks

Payroll Tax Checks in Dr Smash

A simple step-by-step for doing Payroll Tax Checks in your Dr Smash Program during your Last Wage Run of the Financial Year

  1. Select Admin Select
  2. Payroll and Salaries
  3. Select an Weekly OR Monthly Paid Wage Run (depending on how you run your wages)
  4. Make sure that your Week Number is 52 or 53 (Phone Dr Smash if it is not)
  5. ✅ Do the Wage Run
  1. You will need to check each staff member – Highlight Employee and Select Edit Employee Details

  1. Enter in this month or week’s normal wage details

The computer will do a tax check and let you know what taxes are required to be paid. If you need to change the period worked, use the browse button.
You can check against the book, to be doubly certain.

If the Employee is contributing towards Medical Aid

If they are not, please skip this step and proceed to Step 9

The employee has contributed towards medical aid, therefore they are entitled to Medical Tax Credit (Not REBATE).

So the program has worked out that the tax to be paid to Date is R 6 853.50

They are entitled to a credit of R 51 00.00, therefore they should be paying R 1 753.50  PAYE for the year.
They have paid R 885.79, therefore they have to pay in R 867.71.

BUT  if the medical tax credits is higher than the annual PAYE due

The annual Tax is R 3 445.00.
They have paid R 885.79 so they should be paying in R 2 559.21.

If the medical Tax credit is HIGHER than the annual Tax, this employee can ONLY get a refund of the PAYE they have already paid.

Even though they are entitled to a Credit of R 5 100.00 and their annual tax is R 3 445.00 they are NOT entitled to the difference.

  1. Once happy, please print out the TAX CHECK – for future reference

  1. Run wages as per normal
  2. Please print the Year To Date report, with the normal printouts

All Done!

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