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Did You Know: User Profiles

The Importance of User Profiles in Dr Smash

When logging in to Dr Smash, using individual / unique user IDs and passwords is essential.

Unique user IDs & passwords ensure the following controls are in place:

1. Stipulates who is allowed to see what areas of the program, for example you can set permissions such as:

    • A Quoter cannot see Payroll
    • A Quoter cannot make changes to Customer Details
    • A Storeman cannot see Debtors
    • Only admin can get to Defaults


2. Ensures separation of duties, for example, by setting where people are allowed or not allowed go, and what they can change you can avoid the following examples:

    • A Buddy cannot raise his friend a Credit Note or Receipts
    • A Buddy cannot change his friends Wage Rate
    • A Storeman cannot send SMS’s to clients


3.  Allows you to keep accurate records of who did which job transactions, such as:

    • RFCs
    • Credit notes
    • Invoicing
    • Price Changes
    • Changing Customer Details
    • Etc


Now you can create user profiles for each employee using Dr Smash!

If you need any assistance, give us a call and we will happily assist.

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