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Do you know where your industry is going?

Do you know where your industry is going?

Most businesses owners don’t have the time to keep their finger on the pulse of the industry they work in.

Do you?

I am guessing you answered no. These days our industry is being squeezed from ever side, labour rates being pushed down, wages being pushed up leaving less and less in the middle. Leaving you running around constantly just trying to keep your profit from falling to zero.

So how do you make your business different? How do you future proof your business?

After attending the CRA Automatrics Conference and listening to some interesting ideas from the speakers about the way the Motor Industry is going around the world you may be surprised as to what the next step could be.

According to these speakers, Panel beaters and Workshops in places like Europe are moving closer and closer to being specialist, but not in the areas you would think. These shops are becoming specialists in items like parking sensors, radar, GPS etc. The days of a simple proximity alarm are falling away and an era of advanced gadgetry and thus the replacement and collaboration of these new sensors is becoming more of an everyday occurrence. What are you doing to combat this? Are you just outsourcing it to someone else?

Why outsource what you can keep in house? Why pay their overheads when you already have your own?

The theory being that if you keep it in house you can claim the same charge rate but now only have the labour costs assigned to it and thus ‘specialist’ profit in your back pocket.

One seemingly small area to worry about. Did you know about? Have you even considered the implications?

These assumptions were all based on what is happening to shops in countries around the world as well as technological advancements rushing into the market. With all this going on in the market how much could the industry change in just a few short years?

If you were armed with the knowledge, what changes would you be making in your shop?
To your business plan?

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