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Are your staff productive? Are You Even Monitoring Them?

Are Your Staff Productive?

Monitoring Productivity can be notoriously hard. The worker who sits back and does nothing could be finished all his work or may not have even started. Do you know which it is?

Are you monitoring them?

You can’t see the staff on the shop floor 100% of the time and even if you could how would it help? Trying to keep track of the amount of time they spent doing a job versus the amount of time its actually allowed in your head is just not practical.

So how do you do it?

No one wants to maintain an excel spreadsheet, this always seem to take forever and a simple accidental formula change could mess everything up and make your hours of work meaningless. So what is the alternative? Dr Smash has a module specifically designed for this very purpose. The best part of all of this is you don’t need expensive hardware to get the basics implemented. Through quick, efficient and easy to use windows you can assign an entire jobs clocking in less than 5 minutes, pull reports contrasting budgeted vs actual labour costs not only per job or department but all the way down to each staff member.

This process can all be automated through the use of our Productivity readers which import information straight into you package. Updating your workshop monitor with information about which department the car is in, who is working on it, scheduling problems and of course accurate Work-In-Progress estimates.

Dr Smash has a Mailing group that tackles these sort of questions, Setting goals, Driving sales and just generally keeping up with industry changes as well as streamlining your business. If you are interested in receiving these emails please sign up or drop us an email for more information by using the button below.

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