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Dr Smash New Release: Audatex Interface 💥

Audatex Interface

A One-Way integration from Audatex to Dr Smash through the Auda-Connect API

This interface will allow all your Dr Smash Users access to view the Assessment information available on the Audatex Platform from within your Dr Smash program in real time.
This is a one-way integration which means Dr Smash can auto-update your Costing Sheet to the latest Allowed pricing reflected in your Authorization on Audatex but currently does not send any information back to Audatex
There will be a service fee of R500.00pm for use of the interface and will be payable in advance. This fee is to cover the service fee from Audatex for the Auda-Connect Interface as well as the maintenance of the system. 
This system expects that you are already an Audatex user with assessments assigned to you for it to have information to import. If you are not a User of Audatex , please contact them directly for information on how to sign up
To sign up to or find out more information about the Audatex/Abuntex Interface through Dr Smash, you can contact us on 031 700 6495 or pop us an email.
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