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1 Year Since John Banfield, Our Founder, Passed

What’s happened since? Where are we going?

For those of you who do not know who Mr Banfield was, let me enlighten you. Mr Banfield was the founder and lead programmer for the last 27 years. He not only developed the program that you all use today but also built the network of staff that support it across the country.

Since his passing we have had to employ a new lead programmer who had the mammoth task of filling Mr Banfield’s shoes. Andre has stepped up to the plate and done very well despite being thrown in the deep end with such a complex program.

Andre is currently working on a couple of projects, which those of you who are on 7.0.1 and higher will have seen the start of the changes and the massive increase in speed that has come along with them.

For all of us at Dr Smash and many in the industry, today will always be a day of remembrance of a Man who shaped and guide each of us either through subtle nudges in the right direction or a leading kick in the pants if you strayed too far.  The Father of the Dr Smash Family will always be remembered and his legacy will continue.

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