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How To: Closing Jobs

How To & Why You Should: Close Jobs

When the workshop have completed the work, you move the monitor department into Completed.
This will set your completed date in Dr Smash.

When the vehicle gets collected, you remove the vehicle off the monitor.
This will update your delivered date.

Once the FRC and the final invoice has been made, you are now ready to close the job.
Debtors will control the outstanding payments.

Click on the Close the Job Button

Advantages of Closing Jobs:

1. The current jobs list is a short list of jobs you are working on. It is your current WIP, which can be printed daily.

2. The job is still on your Dr Smash but now under ALL Jobs Done.

3. Manufacturer Audits, Lightstone, Bams and Automatrix  use the above dates for their reports.

4. At month end you will not get the following messages appearing all the time:

5. At month end your Work in Progress is correct and therefore making these figures more accurate:

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