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How long does it take to get Dr Smash once my Order has been placed?

As Short As Possible

Dr Smash normally aims to have you up and running within 2 working days of receiving your Deposit.

We are able to do this through the use of Teamviewer to do our Installations and Support.
We simply connect on to your Server, download the installation file from our servers and PRESTO – we are ready to go!

This file is around 350-400mb so on slower internet connections this can take a bit of time but once it’s on your Server, all the files we need are there and ready to go.

Once we have your Server up and running we start on your Workstations which we add as and when you can give us access to them.

As you can see there are various moving parts in this Installation so delays from either side can increase the time taken, but our aim is always 2 working days from receipt of Deposit.

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