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What’s New: Version Notes

Keeping you up to date with the latest updates made to Dr Smash

What’s New: Version 11.09.06
  • Daily reports expanded
  • Towin Changes – Creditors Check, Written Off, Quote Attach
  • RFC Status Check
  • Split items error
  • Received Price 0 error has been sorted
  • Pdf import into existing quote – So latest version Audatex are imported into existing Job
  • New Report : Creditors – Outstanding orders detailed list of parts
  • Assessment Package : Work in List Filter has been corrected
  • Workshop Package : Creating of an Extras has been Fixed
What’s New: Version 11.09.05


  • Inv Follow Up List Report Order


  • PPG Clean Names For Export


  • Added Monthly Wage Run To EMP201
  • Wages EMP201 Loan Balances Corrected
  • Remove Medical Aid Credit From PAYE


  • Combine multi extras on quote


  • RFC Anomaly Report
  • Creditor Invoices that have been Set To Processing Report


  • Check On RFC Whole Invoice
  • Costing Sheet now have new User Rights
  • Multiple Bug Fixes


  • Towin Drivers Report
What’s New: Version 11.09.03
  • NetAssess PDF Imports Method Check
  • Minor Bug Fixes
  • Authorize Debtor Rights Corrected
  • NetAssess/Outsurance/Telesure PDF Import Redone
  • Picking Slip print On Consumable Invoice And Customer Name Corrected
  • Check Job Status Before Rolling back Job
  • Tow Set To Creditors Corrected
  • Multi Extra Writes Up Correctly Now
  • Customer Care Error Message More Readable
  • Delivered/Completed Date Check Date Selected
  • Unprocess Supplier To Write To Action Log
  • Invoice Follow Up Outstanding Report
  • Wages – EMP201 and EMP501
What’s New: Version 11.08.10 – 11.09.02
  • Stock Take User Rights Added – Report Neatened
  • Workin Acc Month Window Created AND Send To Printed
  • JobCard To Exclude Not Required
  • Job card changes minutes added , Jobcard like quote
  • DrSmash Invoice Letterhead Update
  • Account Reference on Invoice
  • Workin Acc Month Window User rights and browse change
  • Invoice Follow Up Status
  • Filter Fix For Invoice Status
  • Job Closed Cancelled Anomaly Report 
  • PPG – Paint Mixed by Added
  • Excess On Release Form
  • User Action Log Report
  • Workshop Monitor Remake 
  • PPG Paint Color Code
  • Towin changes
  • Quote markups Corrected 
  • Items Received Without Orders Fix
  • RFC Description Clean Name