Dr Smash’s Frequently Asked Questions. (FAQ’s)

Welcome To Dr Smash’s FAQ’s. Hopefully the list below will give you the answers to all the questions you may have.

Some of the below options will link you to a page dedicated to your questions, those which can be answered in a short paragraph will be done so below.


In an effort to keep Dr Smash and all our clients at the forefront of our industries we have rewritten our packages into the SQL format. Along with this change have come some adaptations to increase user-friendliness, improved functionality, efficiency and to just generally make things easier. The package is fundamentally the same but boasts new features in whole new areas that previously weren’t even hinted at in the TPS package.

Dr Smash Does Not Have Any Annual Licensing Fees, Per Quote Fees or Unexpected Additional Charges

Dr Smash has 3 Support Levels, each level has specific services that are included for free and details exactly what is not covered by each contract. This means that you always know exactly what you are going to be paying each month as well as what services will cost you extra.



As Short As Possible

Dr Smash Strives to try keep this waiting period as small as possible. Normally Dr Smash would be set up on at least one pc within 2 working days. (Installation conducted through Teamviewer)

This however does not take into account unforeseen issues such as internet outages or misconfigured servers, etc.

No this is not a problem.

Dr Smash has got a pastel export module that can be purchased which allows you to export all your transactions to pastel. This can be done daily, weekly, monthly, annually or as needed without duplication of data.

If you are interested in getting this added to your package please click on the below link and send us an email.

The Number of Concurrent Connections onto the Database

Dr Smash doesn’t worry about how many Users your system has or how many Pc’s have Dr Smash installed onto them. We look at the number of people connected to the Database at one time.

If your system is set up with 2 seats you can have 50 users, 17 pc’s but only 2 people logged in at once.

Alternatively, If system is set up with 17 seats you can have 50 users, 17 pc’s but only 17 people logged in at once